FDR Welcomes Badminton


Sabbir Ahmed

A new semester can only mean one thing, new sports! FDR is proudly welcoming its returning spring sports, along with a few completely new ones as well. One sport which has been catching everyone’s attention lately is Badminton. FDR is now one of the very few high schools in Brooklyn that actually have a Badminton team. Who better to coach this team than FDR’s Badminton teacher of 10 years, Coach Yellen? The New Dealer sat down with Coach Yellen for a brief interview regarding his experiences with the new team so far.

Q: How does it feel coaching an entirely new team and a new sport?

A: It’s a very fun experience, and comes with many new challenges. We’re starting from recruitment, working all the way to winning, hopefully, many matches.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you are facing so far?

A: The biggest challenge we are facing so far is actually picking the top seven players to compete in games. The reason that it’s so challenging is because all of the players are very skilled, making the level of talent very equal.

Q: What are you most confident about?

A: I am most confident about the determination and effort that the team members are demonstrating. The first two weeks of practice shows a very promising future for Badminton in FDR.

Q: How do your training methods for this team differ from other teams?

A: Badminton is a completely different type of sport compared to basketball for example. In my opinion, the skill needed to become an elite Badminton player is quickness, but not necessarily speed. That being said, our focus is improving individual speed and response.

Q: What do you like most about this team?

A: Without a doubt the passion. The members of this sport show a great amount of passion and effort for the sport, in spite of its unpopularity in the United States.

By the way Coach Yellen describes it, I think that we can all agree that badminton is going to become a very popular sport at FDR! I think I speak for the entire student body of FDR when I say that I am looking forward to this season! Good luck and Go Cougars!