Table Tennis Is Here!!!!


Roosevelt Ettiene, Reporter

FDR Table Tennis is here.  This year marks the start of a new era at FDR.  The PSAL is the first public school sports league in the United States to offer Table Tennis as Varsity sports.  Coach Sullivan and Coach Stanco are heading up the program and gearing up for a future dynasty at FDR.  We had a chance to interview Coach Sullivan about the up coming season.

What were the biggest challenges to starting the program?

The greatest challenge was getting the equipment needed to start our program.  Through a combination of help from the PSAL and FDR’s Administration, we were able to get practice started with the required tables and rackets.  Coach Stanco and I are now experts on assembling the tables.

How hard was it to get players for the team?

That was the easiest part.  Both the Boys and Girls teams had huge turnouts.  We have a wide range of abilities.  We have players who have been playing for years, and many beginners who are so enthusiastic.  It has been great.  Some of my players are seniors who were in my AP American History class last year.  I am so happy to get a chance to spend more time with them before they graduate.

How do a former basketball coach and current wrestling coach, end up coaching Table Tennis?

Coach Stanco and I were very excited to help a new type of athlete at FDR.  There are so many talented Table Tennis players at our school, who had no chance to show and develop their skills.  These athletes are so committed and respectful. It has been very refreshing to get the chance to coach athletes who are so selfless.

What are your expectations/goals for this year?

Our goals are pretty simple. 1. Establish a program that will make our school proud.  2. Compete to the best of our ability.  3. Make the playoffs and make a run at a City Championship.

We are all excited to see how the team does!  Good luck Cougars! Welcome to the FDR Sports Family!

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