After accomplishing a decent season last year, with a record  of 7-3, the FDR Boys Volleyball team experienced a first round loss in the playoffs for the 2nd straight season.  The Cougars are striving to make it too the playoffs for a 5th consecutive year!  They have no intention of not making a playoff runt his year. The team practices constantly, and works hard to reach that goal. However, the one person that is really dedicated every year is Coach Hand. Coach Hand has done an outstanding job as the Head Coach of the team. After experiencing a rough start with a 2-2 record, we decided to interview Coach Hand and talk about his team this year.

  1. What attributes would you say your team has in contrast to your competition this year?

I haven’t seen all the other teams yet, but I can say our team has very good hitters.

  1. Do you feel strongly about your starting line-up or any individual player this year?

I love all my guys. Ammed Kouaku is our team Captain this year.   He is a veteran with 4 consecutive years of experience.

  1. Do you enjoy having a co-coach this year? What do you feel having another coach brings to the table?

I do enjoy it. It gives us an opportunity to get through more things in practice.

  1. After ending the last 2 seasons by getting eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, what is the team striving to accomplish differently this season?

Our goal is still to make it to the playoffs; our ranking, and opponent in the playoffs, are not in our control.

  1. What advice have you been giving your team after experiencing a rough start this season, with a record of 2-2?

We lost to two good teams. We defiantly have to correct things that we can control and continue to play better.

  1. In one word, describe your experience coaching the FDR Boys Volleyball team.


The team is more determined than last year. Although they experienced a rough start, that will not be enough to stop them reaching the playoffs for a 5th consecutive year.  Take it from this reporter, this team is going to the playoffs. Go Cougars!