The FDR Dynasty


FDR’s Badminton team rules New York City again!!  FDR Cougars have pulled off a three-peat!  The New Dealer was lucky enough to spend a few minutes with Coach Hellman to discuss his team’s “rule” over PSAL Badminton!

Q: What challenges did the team overcome to win its third Championship in a row?

A: The biggest challenge that we faced this season was actually setting the team line up. Anyone of our singles players could have played from 1st to 3rd, and our doubles were equal as well. This is what actually made our team so strong. We have a solid line up from singles to the substitutes. It was difficult to decided who was going to start at each spot.

Q: Who were the leaders on the team?  How did they help the team win the Championship?

A: Every member of our team had roles that helped us reach our 3rd championship. There were even some big spots that our bench players filled to help bring us there. Assistant Captain Daniel Wang went undefeated while filling in at both 2nd and 3rd multiple times throughout the season. Our captain Shi Jie Liang had one of the biggest matches while facing Hunter College High School in the championship. He showed great resolve throughout the season, and it followed through to the championship game. It was the deciding match that gave us the championship.

Q:  Who are the players to watch next year?

A:  Mohammed Hossaine will be entering his 3rd season with team and has shown improvement with each year he played. He has been working with Anwar Kalam who will be a singles player to watch next season.  Our 2nd Doubles Tohidul Islam and Derrick Wong will be returning as well. A solid doubles team of juniors, who came off the bench this season and won some tough matches, are SM Bulbul and Md Mia.

Q: What does the team need to do to win a fourth in a row?

A:  Each season we have been lucky enough to have such a dedicated group of student athletes. The key to our success has been the passion of our badminton players. They just really enjoy the sport of badminton, win or lose. With each practice and game, they are always looking to improve on their techniques.  Next season we have a solid group of both returning starters and substitutes. I will also be keeping an eye out, scouting some players in our badminton classes in the spring semester!

Congrats Cougars!  You are truly FDR’s finest.