Flag Football Is Here!


Robyn Antoine, Reporter

After years of pleading, the PSAL has finally granted the wish of FDR’s Lady Cougars.  Their very own Flag Football team! And with only a month of practice, our girls are headed down a successful path. Being placed in the middle division, our Lady Cougars are giving these other schools a run for their money. The team is made of two seniors, some juniors, but the majority are sophomores. Each girl brings her own flare to the team. Some girls specialize in speed, another in defense, and finally some girls just have a great arm to throw down field!

Although you can see these girls practicing on our school field every day, good games don’t come easily for them. Playing only 5 different schools, and totaling 10 games, having a bad game one day leads to them playing as hard as they can in future games against other schools. With only 5 games played so far, the team vows to give every other game their all. No captains have been named yet, but some girls lead at specific times. This team is definitely a sum of its parts. The team really cheers each other on, teaching us the value and responsibility of being a family on the field.  Coaches Rienzie and Galante are laying the foundation for a future championship.  Watch out for these Cougars in the years to come!