Girls Badminton Team


Sean Markisic , Reporter

Coach Hellman is very proud in what his girls have accomplished this season. He’s still transitioning from coaching boys for many years to now coaching girls. Even with the success of the Girls Badminton Team, he still has to face challenges in coaching them in his first season with the team.

Q&A about Girls Badminton Team

Q: What coaching philosophy do you use? Does it work for the team?

A: Coach Hellman wants the kids to have fun and enjoy. He believes that when kids are enjoying themselves, they’ll do their best.

Q: Do you have different coaching philosophies in coaching both girls and boys?

A: With both teams, Mr. Hellman wants them to enjoy playing whether they win or lose- and learn from their mistakes for the next time they play.

Q: What are your team goals for next season?

A: The team goal is to rebuild for next season with “new talent” that want to join the team. For next season, the starting lineup with consist of 10th and 11th graders. There is need for the team to rebuild, because the starting lineup from last season are all seniors now.

Q: Do you consider this past season to be a success?

A: This past season was a success. The team only suffered one loss in the season. They were division champs and went far into the playoffs. Mr. Hellman was extremely proud of what his team accomplished this past season.

Q: Any special players on the team that caught your attention?

A: Captain- Ling Zhang and Assistant Captain- Jiyng Kung Liang

Win or lose they play as a team. Everyone brings something different to the team that contributes to the team success.

Congratulations to Coach Hellman and the Girls Badminton team! You made us proud!