Tennis Anyone?


Mamlakat Norimova, Reporter

The Girls Tennis team had a disappointing year in 2015, with a 2-10 record. Some things have changed over the past season for Coach Kolesnik, and her team, as they make their come back. While other kids are at home relaxing under the AC, the Tennis team girls are out on the courts trying hard to win their matches. With a team full of enthusiastic and dedicated players, the girls may have a shot in the play-offs.

After interviewing Coach Kolesnik, we have learned that her players this season are much improved, compared to last season. The two new players who are playing singles, Zarnigor Kudratova and Mamlakat Norimova, are contributing a huge amount to raise the team’s rank in their division. Though the girls are doing great job making us proud, it’s important to mention that all the main roosters are graduating seniors-Shirli Bekker, Allison Ovalle, Olashubomi Ogunye, Skyler Johnson, and Tyesha Affriany. This would be a massive loss for the Tennis team. However, there are a lot of up and coming talented players who are getting ready for the next Tennis season. They are practicing hard with an aim of continuing the team’s climb in our division.

The Cougar family wishes the Girls Tennis team a best of luck. Keep making us proud Lady Cougars!