FDR Bowling- The Pride of FDR


Sean Markisic, Reporter

The Boys Bowling team, coached by Coach Alchalal, have enjoyed great success over the past few seasons. Even if the road to success may be more difficult this time around, the team will try their hardest to get to the same level they were last year. Let’s hope the best for the FDR Boys Bowling team!

Q&A about Boys Bowling with Coach Alchalal:

Q: With such success last season, what are team’s goals for this season?

A: The team goal for this season is to be in the same ranking where we were in the past few seasons, but it will be much more difficult to achieve this season. However, returning players Emanuel, Joshua, Jacob will make the difficult task ahead easier to accomplish.

Q: Any players on the team that stand out to you?

A: Emanuel Casillas is the most impressive player on the team. In all 4 years on the team, he has started all four years. He is the best bowler in Brooklyn, and he has earned that right. He is the team leader, because he leads by example and helps new players to the team become better.

Q: What coaching philosophy do you use? Does it work?

A: Unlike other coaches in the school Coach Achalal is very hands on with his students. He helps kids during matches, when needed, and makes efficient adjustments when necessary. He feels it beneficial for the students to see what he wants them to improve on, when they are struggling.

Q: Are there schools that give strong competition, and do you have to practice extra hard for them?

A: There are many schools, in and out of Brooklyn, that give the team hard match-up. In their division the toughest team they constantly have to face is Madison High School. Of the other boroughs, Staten Island is the toughest borough for FDR Boys Bowling to constantly face. In Staten Island, Wagner and Staten Island Tech are the most difficult to play.

Q: How confident are you heading into the final weeks of the season?

A: Coach Alchalal was very confident heading into this season, but not as much as the previous few seasons. As the season progresses, Coach Alchalal believes the team will get better.

Good luck to Coach Alchalal and FDR Boys Bowling team! Try your best and make us proud!