Girls Basketball: Are the girls ready?


Mamlakat Norimova

It’s been a very long, unfortunate season after season, for the Girls Basketball team. We haven’t seen any noticeable progress so far. Will this year be the beginning of a new era for the Girls Basketball team?

The team has already started out their practices and non-league games. They are working hard to get FDR Basketball back on top. Playing basketball requires communication skills among the players, which the team has lacked thus far. The girls are working on developing this skill, along with other drills during practices.

Coach Patamarapipan¬†is preparing the team to do what hasn’t been accomplished for the FDR Girls Basketball team in 15 years- that is finishing at least .500 for the season. According to Coach Patamarapipan, in order to have a successful season, and do what hasn’t been done for a long time, more seniors need to play up to their potential and learn to communicate with each other throughout the games. The team will heavily relay on the three guards, Kinga Kupras, Magdalena Kupras, and Sarah Enriques throughout the season to both score and play defense.

The girls will begin their first league matches on December 1st, against Lafayette High School. Best of luck to FDR’s Girls Basketball Team!

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