Girls Table Tennis Is Going To The Playoffs! Again!


Mamlakat Norimova, Reporter

The Girls Table Tennis team is back and making some noise in the PSAL.

There have been some changes with the Table Tennis divisions in the PSAL this season, as more schools were added to the divisions. This addition creates higher competition between schools. The FDR Girls Table Tennis team is now facing new schools they haven’t played against previously. Despite all the changes, the girls are doing great so far with only 3 loses. The effort that every player is putting into the games is paying off, which will definitely lead the team on a playoff run.

The team eventually will face a huge loss next year, since almost the team’s main players are going to graduate this June. Coach Stanco may face some difficulties replacing his best players. Putting that issue to the side for now, Coach Stanco and his team, are concerned about more important challenges this season. Right now, what the team is concerned the most about is getting a shot at the finals. The girls are trying to bring out their best in every game, no matter what level they go against. This year their strongest competition has been Brooklyn Tech and Murrow.

The Cougars are 9-3, and they are the #9 seed in the playoffs. The girls are hoping, and trying, to improve as much as possible before their first playoff game.

The Cougar family wishes the Girls Table Tennis Team luck in the playoffs. No matter what they achieve in the playoffs, they have made FDR proud.