FDR Girls Softball


Sean Markisic, Reporter

The New Dealer recently sat down with three players from the Girls Softball team, Sophie Muniz, Ceren Kosterlioglu and Jasmine Kaloshi. The New Dealer was able to get details about the ups and downs they experienced this season. They talked about what gave them the inspiration to join the team, how they game plan for difficult opponents, what they feel their biggest individual contribution was to the team, and who they relied on most when the team was struggling? The Lady Cougars had a great season making it to the playoffs, posting a 6-4 record. With many key players returning, the future is bright for Coach Hayes and the Cougars.

Q&A with players on the Girls Softball Team:

Q: What gave you the inspiration to join the Softball team?

A: Ceren was inspired by teachers, who were pushing her to join the team. She has been playing soccer ever since she was young. She was unsure about how she would perform, but she grew to love the sport through hard work and determination. She is grateful for the opportunity she has been given, and she wouldn’t trade it away for anything.

Q: Does the team game plan change depending on who your opponent was?

A: The team game plan depends on if the pitcher pitches fast or slow. The team’s record gives them an idea of how aggressive they have to play. Coach Hayes keeps the same pitcher and catcher in the lineup, but he constantly switches up the outfield. The Coach Hayes feels that with this method, the team produces the best results.

Q: Who does the team rely on when the rest of the team is struggling?

A: The pitcher, Jasmine Kaloshi, has the most pressure of anyone on the team, because if she does well, the team will get outs quicker. However, if she has a bad game, the rest of the team tries to pick each other up.

Q: Individually, what do you feel you contribute most to the team?

A: Sophie tries to make everyone on the team feel welcomed. When certain players are having a bad game, she keeps them moving forward onto the next challenge. Ceren reminds batters to play loose, tells the team to be confident but not cocky, and she advises teammates to avoid mind games. Jasmine is the top pitcher on the team, so she leads through her skill and determination.

Q: Of all the coaching stratagies the team uses, which do you feel is most effective?

A: The team risks an out, to sneak the runner from 3rd base to home plate, while the other team is distracted with the runner between first and second base. Another one they use is called rundown. The pitcher throws the ball to 2nd base, then they toss the ball between 2nd and 3rd, to shortstop, and back to 2nd, so they can steal an out. Coach Hayes uses this to make the team as successful as possible.

A special thanks to Sophie Muniz, Ceren Kosterlioglu and Jasmine Kaloshi for dropping by and sharing their input on this past season.