Rumors Has It


Kimberly Nazario

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During the first week of December, there was a little bit of anticipation inside of our Cougars. Considering the fact that the FDR play, Rumors, was playing, it was no surprise. The first show, on Thursday night, was rumored (see what I did there?) to be fantastic. I, personally, went on Saturday. If you missed it, here’s a little re-cap.
The play was about this one guy, Charley. His wife of ten years left him on their 10th Anniversary, out of nowhere, causing him to attempt suicide. ‘Attempt’ being the key word. He actually ended up shooting a bullet through one of his ears. The play opens in a rushed manner, with characters bustling around unknowing of what to do. Throughout the play there are rumors about the other guests and theories of what happened. The story line ends up with a character tripping over the gun, and the cops showing up later regarding a car crash, and then, the gunshots! Way to show up on time cops! The show was great. The dedication of the actors and stage crew really impressed me.
If you’re a freshman and you think this is interesting, I really suggest getting involved with the Theatre Guild. It’s more like a family than a club. You don’t even have to want to be an actor (or actress). You can get involved with lighting sound, or stage design. Acting can teach a person life lessons. Let’s say you completely hate someone, acting can teach you on how to pretend you like them. Just kidding! Acting can help you learn how to express yourself better and build self-esteem. This message isn’t even for freshmen only. Juniors, how many times do I have to say this, you should really join something, especially the Theatre Guild. I constantly hear people complaining that it’s always the same little bunch of people doing everything in the Theatre Guild. Well guess why- because they are the ones with the most courage to get up there. Guild member James DeMatteo put it best, “Don’t be a lump on a log. Join the shows!”
FDR’s musical is coming up soon. It is “rumored” to be Grease. Actually, it is more than a rumor, it is a fact. Auditions were held just before the vacation. FDR’s best singers and dancers showed their stuff! While the cast has been picked for this performance, students interested in getting involved in another aspect of the play should see Mr. Meyers ASAP.