Grease is the Word!


Kimberly Nazario, Reporter

As most of you know, this spring’s play is Grease. Our school has a reputation of never repeating a play or musical, but if you walk into the auditorium, you’d see we’ve already done Grease. In fact, it was one of the first plays to ever be done in this school. Well, guess what? This year is the 25th Anniversary of FDR’s Theatre Guild.
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Grease is all about a new girl, Sandy Dumbrowski, and her summer romance with Rydell High School’s bad boy greaser, Danny Zuko. There are many other elements to this play. There is an issue going on with Betty Rizzo, leader of the Pink Ladies, and her personal life. Most of the play focuses on the aforementioned Pink Ladies and the Burger Palace Boys. The play revolves around the romances going on between these two groups, along with the challenging attraction between Sandy and Danny. It’s almost as if it is a 1950’s version of High School Musical. It’s just a bunch of teens, like you and me, simply being teens.
If this doesn’t appeal to you, that’s OK. Grease is still worth the money to see. Wouldn’t it be nice to say you were part of FDR history? It’s rumored that FDR alumni who performed in our first play are coming to see the show. You’d be able to say you met FDR legends and even say you went to see FDR’s 25th Anniversary play.
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The school’s production of Grease is guaranteed to be very fun and upbeat. Mr. Meyers and Ms. Reagan have worked very hard for this play to be a success. The dedication and work for this play should pay off on opening night. Auditions for next fall’s play will be announced in May, and I recommend you audition. Being able to participate in such a production can give you something to do after school, and it also looks great on college applications. Even if you’re not the best actor, or you don’t get a lead role, it’s alright. As the theatre loves to say, “There is no such thing as a small role.”