A Poet With A Dream, That Came True


Michealla Aprigliano, reporter

pg 1, pic 3 (800x600)The Poetry Outreach Center’s primary purpose is to encourage young people to write, appreciate, and express their creativity through poetry. They sponsor an Annual Poetry Festival, Annual Anthology, and Poetry Performance. The winners receive cash prizes, attend special events, and were invited to read their poems at the 41st Annual Poetry Festival. The Spring Poetry Festival is known as New York City’s “Woodstock of the Spoken Word,” and was initiated in 1972. It brings New York City public school students, college students, CCNY faculty, and guest artists of every poetic stripe to the stage to read their work. The Festival is held each year in Theater B of Aaron Davis Hall, 135th St. and Convent Avenue in Manhattan. Early in the afternoon, high school poetry winners read their winning poems.

Andy Ung-Wu is an amazing poet, and he is the winner of the High School Poetry Contemporary Poem for his poem, “Your Smile.” Andy’s was first inspired to write poetry by listening to love songs when he was growing up. His English Minister at church also inspired him after talking about his talent at church. After writing his first poem, he felt a strong sense of accomplishment. Andy’s inspiration to write poetry now is everything that catches his interest- like songs or nature.

Andy’s favorite poet is E.E. Cummings. He is Andy’s favorite, because his poetry is abstract. According to Andy, Cummings’ poems really make the reader think beyond the words. When Andy’s poem “Your Smile” won, he felt shocked and amazed, because he had never expected to win. “Your Smile” is a romantic type of poem. It describes a girl, but it’s not directed to anyone even though it portrays a girl and a part of her characteristics. Andy writes poetry as a hobby whenever he can make the time. Andy said, “To achieve this you need to give your best in everything and let God make the result for you… since hard work pays off one way or another.”

Andy’s poem “Your Smile” is an inspiration, not only to me, but to all the other poets at FDR. Andy, your hard work paid off, so congratulations on winning The High School Poetry Contest. I hope you write more inspiring poetry. Below is one of Andy’s current poems.  Enjoy!


The Lights of a Thousand Fireflies

By: Andy Ung-Wu


Among the time spent together as I walk beside you seeing your smile,

As you light up the sky when you shimmer like a sparkling light

In a hot mild day it gets a little sweeter when I see you face,

As petals of daisies dances above towards the sunshine


Among the patch of blue sky within the clouds,

Up on a hill as I wait for you to join me under the sunset

In the warmth of your presence blooms like a lily as we pray to God under the horizon,

An unyielding motion that’s wrapped in a smile floats to heavens


As the leaves of a fig tree leaves a mark of joy that love is present,

Through a vault of stars shines like the moonlight in the dark of my night

You shine so bright so I can see as your laughter lights up the sky,

As lights of a thousand fireflies glow as pretty as your eyes