Good Luck Seniors!


Hifza Ahmed, Reporter

Pg1, Pic 1 (800x533)pg1, pic 2 (800x533)The moment all seniors have been waiting for is here. Yes, you guys are finally graduating! How does it feel? This year’s Graduation will take place at Brooklyn College on June 27th. Along with graduation, there are many other events coming up for seniors. This includes Prom, the Awards Night, and the Senior Yearbook Party. Seniors are you ready for the biggest memory of high school? There is a lot to expect at this year’s Prom, so you wouldn’t want to miss it. The prom will be on June 5th at Russo’s on the Bay. “There will be so much going on. Lots of fun, dancing, great music, and delicious food,” said Ms. Perez. Also, don’t forget to bring a date! At the Awards Night, seniors were honored for their service and their academic performance at FDR. Lastly, the Senior Yearbook Party is on June 8th from 6pm-10pm. At the party seniors will get their 2013 Yearbook! There will be food, music, and a lot of dancing. It is also another night to celebrate your accomplishments over the past 4 years. By the way, don’t forget to have your friends sign your yearbook. Create some last minute memories!

I went around and asked a few seniors how they feel about graduating from FDR. Kailah Richardson said, “It feels great, I’m leaving! I’ll miss this place.” Maliek McKenna is sad to go, “I’m going to miss the staff, the security, and the lunch ladies.” Caitlin Dejesus would like to leave the seniors with this quote, “Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of memories that take your breath away.”  Along with all these fun events, seniors still have some challenges in June. This includes getting prepared for college and making sure you can handle college life- as it is pretty difficult! I’m not trying to scare you, just be prepared. One message Ms. Perez would like to give all seniors is to, “First love yourself, everyone else get in line.” Congratulations Graduates! I wish you all the best. Just don’t forget FDR. Come back and visit sometime. I’m tearing up, and I’m not even a senior!