Junior of the Month Cassidy Piraino


Michealla Aprigliano, Reporter

Junior (800x533)This month’s Junior of the Month is Cassidy Piraino. She is on the tech crew for all the shows we do at FDR. She has done last year’s Talent Show, the Fall Play, the Chinese New Year Show, the Spring Play, and the Multi-Cultural Festival. Cassidy’s favorite class is History, because it fascinates her how we come from the past and how we’re evolving as a society. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Bernardi. He was her Global History teacher for both freshman and sophomore year.  Learning Global History with him was fun for her. Cassidy’s advice for upcoming juniors is to understanding how difficult AP classes are going to be! She recommends you don’t take too many, because it will hurt you “mentally.” She would love to say she wouldn’t change schools, because she loves it here at FDR- but that’s a lie and “I must not tell lies.” Cassidy wishes our school offered a course in Sonic Arts (music technology), which would help get her into the program she wants in college.  Cassidy doesn’t know why she was selected, she believes it might have been convenient for the writer who’s doing this piece to just pick someone they’re familiar with (we have many classes together and we’re actually pretty good friends). In reality, she was chosen because she’s very smart, participates in school events, and she is highly motivated in classes.