Freshman of the Month – Henessy Pineda


Michealla Aprigliano, Editor

This month’s Freshman of the Month is Henessy Pineda. She chose FDR, after discussing high school choices with her older brother Nathaniel Pineda, an FDR senior. Henessy has joined the Robotic Club and the Theatre Guild. She recently made her debut in, The lliad, The Odyssey and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less! She wants to join the Christian Club, because she really enjoys interacting with other students about God and the Bible. Henessy’s favorite teacher is Ms. Gobin, because of her kindness and her ability to challenge Henessy. Henessy’s experience at FDR High School has been great, due to the fact that the teachers and the students have been very friendly and welcoming to her. She has enjoyed the different activities she has participated in, and she is willing to take on more. Henessy cannot wait for all the different things that are to come in the next four years. Henessy believes she was chosen to be the Freshman of the Month, because she is a highly motivated student who accomplishes all of her work and still is able to participate in extracurricular activities. She is right, because with that attitude and hard work, I can see her making the Top 10!