Give A Helping Hand


Hifza Ahmed, Reporter

During the month of February, a lot is going on at FDR High School. I’m talking service projects, fundraisers, and Valentine’s Day secrets- which everyone looks forward to. For instance, the Student Council and the Key Club have started collecting Pennies for Patients. Basically, we collect pennies for children with cancer. So far, a lot of people have donated, and we hope that this keeps up. We also have been doing “Jeans for Teens.” In other words, collecting jeans for the people who really need them.  This is actually a competition between other schools. Whichever school gets the most jeans, wins a prize. Lastly, for Valentine’s Day, we sell small teddy bears, monkeys, or any other stuffed animal, along with a small card or a sticker. Last year we also sold roses. The Student Council and the Key Club is in charge of these events, and we encourage people to join, participate and help with these events! It feels good to be participating in stuff like this, makes you feel proud!