Senior of the Month – Xincheng You

Senior of the Month - Xincheng You

Michealla Aprigliano, Editor

This month’s Senior of the Month is Xincheng You. If Xincheng could change his High School experience, he would have spent more time hanging out with friends. He drifted away from some of his friends due to his heavy work load at FDR.  He is deeply regretting it now. Xincheng is not sure which college he wants to attend yet, but he knows he is interested in engineering. His favorite teacher at FDR is Ms. Turturro, because she is always there whenever he needs her. He appreciates her helping him out with his college applications and scholarships. Xincheng has joined the Chinese Culture Club, Multicultural Show, Tennis Team, Moody’s Mega Math Challenge and many other activities. He feels these were rewarding experiences, because he learned to communicate and collaborate with others. Also, these experiences helped him make new friends and escape from the stresses of school work. Xincheng’s advice for future graduates; start your college applications early, always be optimistic, and remember that you have your family and friends by your side. Xincheng was chosen, because he is FDR’s top ranked student and involved in many school activities.