Poems of the Month


A black man

by Isaiah Jackson

A black man walks
Down a path  full of
pain and shallow…..
But his soul is so

This young man
being sent on a quest.
Is scared for his life cuz
He will not know
If he’ll ace the TEST!!!!

People telling him ” Boy u
are Blessed, ” but the stuff that
he’s been though he just can’t
make it out to become the best.

Right now he knows that
he is messing up, He
Prays every day. Hoping
that one day god will give
him the strength to get
back up.


The following is a poem, Asoka of India, written by sophomore Besmira Alija class of 2016, that fulfilled one of Mr. Scherer’s Global History and Geography – writing across the curriculum requirements.

King Asoka (304BC-232BC)

Asoka, oh Asoka leader of the land

Dominated India with his cavalry, 9,000 elephants, men with arrows in hand

Marching toward the city of Kalinga to show them who was boss

Kalinga got trampled and defeated,

And like others that he conquered, they suffered great loss

After, Asoka was sickened by the bloodshed

He converted to Buddhism, and shaved his head

Asoka started a religious revolution and became an inspiration

By building stupas and mounting rock edits

and his new found pacifism; he transformed his nation