Staffer of the Month – Mr. Schmude


Mohammed Farhan Mohsin, Reporter

The Staffer of the Month is Mr. Schmude!! This is Mr. Schmude’s 25th year at FDR High School. Mr. Schmude first started working at FDR as a custodian back in 1989.  He was a college student, aspiring to be a teacher one day. Mr. Schmude became a teacher, because he always liked working with young people. His father used to tell him that he was a very social person, and he should use this skill in his future career.  Mr. Schmude has used his “social” skills to be an outstanding Social Studies teacher. Mr. Schmude believes “teaching is all about conversations.”  If you cannot socialize with young people, you simply cannot be an “effective” teacher.

While working as a custodian at FDR High School, Mr. Schmude got to know former Principal Adele Vocel very well. It was Ms. Vocel who offered Mr. Schmude a position here at our school. As soon as Mr. Schmude graduated from Brooklyn College, he started working at our school as a teacher.

When asked which History lesson he likes to teach the most, Mr. Schmude didn’t really have an answer. He finds a love to teach all History. But he finds lessons on 9/11 very interesting, as he was present during that time. He believes that the event changed the United States a lot. One of Mr. Schmude’s favorite philosophers is Niccolò Machiavelli. Why? It’s because Machiavelli once asked “Is it better to be feared or loved?” Mr. Schmude believes that it is a combination of both, because teachers should be loved and feared at the same time.

Mr. Schmude’s advice to students taking the Regents this year would be to take any school tutoring offered and concentrate in class! He suggests that students should start taking practice tests to increase their confidence for the test day. Just remember if you don’t work hard, “there’s always summer school!” That’s how Mr. Schmude jokes with his students.

You might be wondering what Mr. Schmude does in his spare time. Mr. Schmude doesn’t have any spare time! His life revolves around his children and school. Therefore, Mr. Schmude likes to relax whenever he finds some time.

Mr. Schmude says that, “FDR High School is in my blood.” He would never want to leave FDR and wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. We would never want you to leave either Mr. Schmude! We all hope you continue to work here and inspire the young minds of FDR!