Freshman, Freshman!! Just Graduated from Junior High!

Freshman, Freshman!! Just Graduated from Junior High!

Amelia Loo, Reprter

When you walk through the open doors, you know it’s very close to the real deal. These new teachers treat you like an adult, not like a child anymore. Like in any other school, they have their expectations; the difference is that their standards are set higher.

In my personal experience, the first day was mostly based on going over guidelines, rules, and the goals (to graduate). Something I learned along the way is that when teachers first introduce us to the word “responsibility,” they are trying to help us succeed. Every test or extra credit they give is for your benefit. This is a message to all, because when students hear the word “test,” they tend to complain, moan, or contradict. Also on the first day, some common questions of yours may be “Where do I go?” But don’t worry, because like in all schools, we have at least one person called” A Freshman Guide.” Ms. Alvarez, FDR’s Assistant Principal of Guidance, would be one of those guides. She told me that she’s been asked these common questions many times before, some including “Where is the gym?” or “Are my teachers nice?”

This, of course, is completely normal and you are expected to want to know these things. Your high school experience is the only one you’ll get, so it’s best if you start planning right when you arrive. It’s most important, as I’ve been reminded, to join clubs, so colleges will look at you and say, “Wow, this girl’s got it all.” However, don’t over-schedule your day with too many things. As my teachers advised, just pick clubs that you can balance with your school schedule. It is always good to take into consideration the tips your teachers give you, because they really do help.

And coming to an end, all schools have this in common – tests. The most common fear is failing, and it was a worry I met when I was taking my first exam. But as Ms. Alvarez said, “Life is more than tests.” So, on the first day of school, remind yourself this is not a test, but an opportunity. It’s a chance to do things that you can still do.