Sophomore of the Month- Robyn Antoine


Michealla Aprigliano, Editor

Robyn Antoine was nominated to be Sophomore of the Month by her global teacher, Ms. Morris. Robyn enjoys going to FDR, because she has made good friends and enjoys playing on FDR’s sports teams. She has joined the Soccer team, the New Dealer, and plans on joining the Basketball and Track Team. Robyn believes she is doing fine in all her classes. Her favorite subjects are English and Global History. Changing schools hasn’t crossed Robyn’s mind, because she likes FDR’s diversity and the school’s college-now classes. Also, she wouldn’t change schools, because she is comfortable. Robyn’s advice to incoming sophomores would be to work hard, especially if you mess-up freshmen year.  She thinks Ms. Morris selected her to be Sophomore of the Month, because she is always in class, gets really good grades, and tries hard to succeed.