Senior of the Month- Sumayya Mushtaq


Michealla Aprigliano, Editor

Sumayya Mushtaq is the Senior of the Month. She is having a wonderful high school experience and has made lots of friends. She would not change a thing. Sumayya is interested in being a secondary Special Education teacher. She will study at Kingsborough College, and then in 2 years she will transfer to Brooklyn College for her Bachelor’s Degree. Sumayya favorite teacher is Ms. Alzner, because she likes the way she teachers. Sumayya has always supported school activities, although she is unable to participate in them. Her physical challenges have been a negative turned positive, because it has made her focus more on her academics.  Now, she can graduate on time. Her advice for future graduates is to be responsible, do your work, always try your best, and don’t cut! Make sure you have fun and enjoy the moments. Keep up the good work Sumayya!!!!