Staffer of the Month- Ms. Simone


Michealla Aprigliano , Editor

Ms. Simone is FDR’s staffer of the month! She loves to travel and wants to go everywhere. Ms. Simone spins vinyl at a few spots in Brooklyn, and she even does some private DJing on the side. Playing mostly 90’s hip hop, Ms Simone might be the coolest teacher in Brooklyn!

Her most vivid memory would be studying abroad in Spain – it sparked a travel bug in her that has not died yet. In general, Ms. Simone greatest teaching moment is when students, who are confused by certain topics, have their “aha” moment and understand the materials. Ms. Simone became a teacher because she really enjoys being with kids. She also likes when students come and speak to her- like they’re a “real” person, because she feels a lot of teachers don’t do this. Ms. Simone loves teaching any level of Spanish, but she think freshman are the most fun. Teaching the History of Hip Hop Course at FDR was a privilege for her, because she is able to incorporate her outside interest. Spanish 3 and 4 is Ms. Simone’s least favorite subject to teach, because it has a lot of verb tenses and conjugations. She thinks its boring for the students, but it doesn’t keep her from teaching it well. She tries playing games with them to make it enjoyable.

Ms. Simone loves having her summers off. Her least favorite aspect of teaching is paperwork and bureaucracy. To motivate her students to become active learners in her classroom, Ms. Simone takes the time to get to know her students. In Peer Mediation, she trains students to help mediate disagreements and diffuse situations. By having students resolve their issues with words and not fists, they can focus their energy on what’s more important, their education. In Ms. Simone’s Rainbow Coalition Club, they talk about issues students deal with like discrimination based on our identities, whether it is LGBTQ, race, or religion related. It’s a place for open discussion.

Ms. Simone is an important member of the Cougar Family.  She is clearly focused on making FDR a place where students want to come.  Congratulations Ms. Simone!!