Bullying, and How to Prevent it.

Bullying, and How to Prevent it.

Hifza Ahmed, Reporter

Being bullied is not fun at all. It feels like you don’t belong in this world because of how you are, or how you look. Nobody should have to feel like that. According to Ms. Gentile, Bullying is an unjustified attack on someone for no reason. Bully’s want to hurt others, because they’ve been hurt themselves. Also, according to Ms. Agard, “ Bullying is when an individual / group make fun of other people.”

Every year the PDT comes up with a contest to stamp out Bullying. They started out with their first contest ever, which was to make a poster about bullying, as well as write an essay about it. The second contest was a T-shirt design contest. The third contest was to come up with a video speaking about bullying, and lastly this year- it’s a comic strip contest. Basically getting comic strips that say stuff like, “Words hurt,” “ Don’t give up,” or “Stop hating.”

Bullying happens every day, everywhere. Whether we see it or not, someone out there is getting bullied while you’re having the best time of your life. Bullying doesn’t play a big role at FDR, which is great. FDR is a safe place, where people can go for help, and feel better if they are being bulled.

Ms. Gentile would like to tell the people who are getting bullied to please speak up. Go to a counselor. We know it’s hard, because you feel embarrassed; however, it’s better to get the word out rather than letting it eat you up inside. If you don’t want to speak to anyone face to face, you can also call 1-212-709-3222 from 2:30-9:30 pm.  Someone will be there to listen to you. If people say something, we can all make a difference. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the people who are being bullied to say something. People who see it happening should also say something. They can even stay anonymous. Your name won’t be out there.
Some other forms of bullying include cyber bullying and spirited texting. These are worse, because everyone sees it, it’s there, and it’s viral. “When I was a kid, no one really knew about it, today it’s there,” said Ms Gentile. For the people who are being bullied, just know that there is help out there. You’re not alone. Stay strong, and don’t give up!