School spirit?

School spirit?

Hifza Ahmed, Reporter

As we all know this year was FDR’s 50th anniversary. In order to celebrate, we did many activities that most students and teachers enjoyed a lot, especially because these activities never took place before.

This includes FDR’s first ever Fashion Show. A lot of students showed up to the Fashion show to see students walk down the runway and show off their beautiful clothing. It was also an advertisement for prom dresses and suits.

We also had Homecoming. Homecoming was definitely a success. I mean who would want to miss a mini-prom? A lot of students came, as well as many students who already graduated from FDR. It was a very exciting event and everything was beautifully decorated!

There was also a carnival. Many students and teachers participated in this as well! There was a lot of jumping, falling, good food, and it was an overall a really good event.

There were many other activities like the Pep Rally, karaoke, the ice skating trip, the opening of the time capsule, and a trip to a haunted house. According to Ms. Perez, all of these events were very successful! A lot of students and teachers came out and showed their school spirit.

For next year Ms. Perez would like for the seniors to participate more in the Senior Spirit week. There might also be a roller skating trip taking place, so just watch out for that!

I think it’s very important to have as many events as possible. ┬áNot only is it a lot of fun, but it helps us get more involved and make new friends! I encourage each and every one of you to participate in as much as you can and get involved! Attend every event and show your school spirit!