Mr. Meyers- Staffer of the Month


Carla Munoz

Ladies and Gentlemen of FDR, a warm round of applause for Mr. Meyers! He is The New Dealer’s Staffer of the Month! This title may be long over-due, especially since Mr. Meyers was a student at FDR back in 1996! He was a member of the student Theatre Guild and starred in all of the productions (no surprises here). He was also in other clubs, as well as the Editor-in-Chief of the Senior Yearbook! He is a true Cougar.  He says that FDR is “home to him.” He returned to teach in 2009, just around ten years later!

Mr. Meyers first knew he wanted to be a teacher back in elementary school. His fifth grade teacher was his role model. Meyers loved the way he taught and their connection; he knew that he wanted to do the same thing. His dream was solidified in middle school, high school, and college.  Mr. Meyers knew there was nothing else he would do. He had several teachers at FDR, who he looked up to, and acted as mentors to him. However, he had another passion, and it belonged on stage. He was performing ever since the first grade!  Mr. Meyers was a shy kid, although the person he was when he performed could have fooled anyone! Acting allowed him to break free from his social bubble. Meyers has received the best of both worlds through teaching.  He tells his students that his lesson plan is his script, and his students are his audience. Teaching is his performance.

Mr. Meyers’ most memorable moments at FDR would be his final bows. One final bow that he will remember forever is his last as a senior. He also says that he will never forget watching his students take their final bows as well. He also loves when successful students come back to visit.  Seeing them just reminds and justifies why he chose this career path. He hopes to encourage his students to understand the hidden gem that is FDR.  He wishes that they would appreciate FDR more, and he hopes students become more involved!

Mr. Meyers believes that he was nominated for Staffer of the Month, because one of his close colleagues recommended him.  This may not compare to a standing ovation from the crowd, but congratulations Mr. Meyers from everyone at The New Dealer!