Husan Usmanov-Underclassman of the Month


Xin Hang Xie, Reporter

Congratulation to our Underclassman of the Month, Husan Usmanov! Even though FDR was not Husan’s first choice, he is totally surprised by FDR’s environment. Not only has the diversity at FDR went beyond Husan’s expectation, it also made learning easier for him. He enjoys working with diverse people who share a common goal. Husan likes English and Math, as well as Science. Despite the difficulties of the Math and Science, they still interested Husan.  He loves to challenge himself. His English course provides Husan with opportunities to be creative in his writing, which will be extremely helpful in writing essays for college.

Husan is also involved on Wrestling and Bowling Teams. Encouraged be his father, Husan has been wrestling since 7th grade. Husan also learned many life lessons through his participation in sports. To the newcomers at FDR, Husan would encourage them to keep up with their education and increase interaction with teachers, as well as peers. Participation in sports and other teams would also be important to gain new experiences. Most importantly, set up a goal and go for it. By keeping up with his grades, and putting great efforts into sports at the same time, Husan is truly June’s Underclassman of the Month.