Mr. Hans- Staffer of the Month


David Mardakhayev, Reporter

Congratulations to Mr. Hans for being chosen as October’s Staffer of the Month! Mr. Hans is a young math teacher at FDR, who has been doing as much as he can for the FDR community. Most students only met Mr. Hans for the first time in September, 2014, but his FDR story dates back to before most seniors were even here. He proudly stated that he taught at our school 4 years ago, but he returned as soon as a new job was available. Along with teaching math classes like SAT Math or Statistics, Mr. Hans has entered the realm of technology. He, Mr Catalano, and Mr. Galli are all working hard to create a full blown technology branch at FDR, and Hans digs it! He says that, “Robotics is [his] favorite class to teach, because after teaching Math for 6 years, it’s a real breath of fresh air.” He is also involved in coding at the school.

When asked about what his favorite thing about FDR is, compared to his previous school, Hans quickly praised the community. He appreciates how close knit the FDR family is and how events like the carnival demonstrate that. He also likes that many students at FDR , “do what they need to do.” They come to school and put in time and effort. On the topic of why he chose to become a teacher, Hans said it wasn’t his initial plan. He started tutoring other kids in high school. While in college, he took some courses in the teaching field and decided it was the right place for him.

Something worth noting about Mr. Hans is that his room, 404, is always open to students. Whether they need help with homework, or just want somewhere cool to study, they can always look to him. Personally, I find this incredibly helpful. It removes a lot of the stress that school puts on a person, knowing that there is a place where a student can go to get help or just take a breather. Though I’ve never had Mr. Hans, I feel like I’ve learned a great deal from him. He is the type of teacher who will teach you whatever you need know, no matter how little you know him.  In my opinion, that is what makes a great teacher.  He is here for all of our students.