Tiffany Chen – Star of the Month


Tiffany Chen is one of FDR’s most well rounded students.   She loves FDR for its diversity.  She feels very fortunate to have so many friends and teachers from different cultures.  Tiffany has always been impressed by the teaching staff at FDR.  They have always extended themselves to her both academically and personally.  She appreciates that there are not only clubs, but Saturday tutoring which enable her to always get the help she needs.

Tiffany’s favorite subjects are History and Spanish.  She feels that studying History helps her to be less ignorant about the world.  She hopes, that through learning our history, we can avoid the mistakes of our past.  By studying Spanish, she is able to communicate with a larger group of people. Tiffany has always been interested learning multiple languages.

Tiffany is the starting setter on the Girls Volleyball team.  She really likes playing for Coach Hand and bonding with her teammates.  Volleyball is a way for Tiffany to relieve stress and unwind after a day of taking challenging AP classes.  Tiffany also joined the staff of the New Dealer this year.  She will be writing articles about the environment and music.

Tiffany’s advice to new students is not to wait to get involved in clubs and teams.  She also recommends the library as a quiet place to avoid the hustle and bustle of a large school like FDR.   She also believes that students should take more advantage of the school safety officers.  She feels they are always friendly and helpful to students.

Tiffany is a very humble person.  She thinks her strongest quality as a student is her work ethic.  Once she starts something, she finishes it.  She is one of FDR’s true workaholics.

Congratulations Tiffany you are truly one of FDR’s shinning stars!