Flag Football Game: Lady Cougar Power


Mukadus Hayat, Reporter

Recently at FDR, many events took place. These events include the Hispanic Food Festival, Homecoming, the Breast Cancer Walk, Hygienic Supply Collection for Haiti, and Senior Spirit Week. The most recent event was the Flag Football game between the Lady Cougars of FDR (staff and students). This game took place after 9th period on November 10,2016 at the FDR football field. The team color for the staff was black, and for students, it was pink. To distinguish the staff’s supporters, from the students’ supporters, the student government sold shirts of pink and black for $10. All the money collected during the game, including the $5 admission, was donated to fight breast cancer.

At the beginning of the game both the teams, student and the staff, seemed really confident. Mr Rienzie coached the students, while Mr Klyap coached the teachers. The coaches were seen advising their players throughout the game. At first, the students seemed to take the lead by giving their opponents a tough time. However, the teachers understand their students, very quickly they were able to slow the pace of the game. The scoring was exciting during the first half.

Many teachers participated including Ms. Galante, Ms. Lyngo and Ms.┬áNuddelman. From the students team Nancy, Kalanie, Myia, Sarah and Sanassa really seemed to be favorites, as their names were shouted again and again for scoring points. These supporters weren’t just the FDR students, but also the parents of our players and the kids of our teachers. The game was very exciting and entertaining. Both the teams played very well and tried to do their best. However, in the end there was only one winner. The winner of this game were the Lady Cougar students, who defeated the staff by the score of 22 to 8.

This was the first Student vs Staff game of the semester. Many people who came, seemed to love the enthusiasm of our players. A special Cougar thank you to all the staff and students who made this such a great event. See you at the next Cougar fundraiser!