Security Talk With Mr. Manning


Priscilla Soo, Contributor

Mr. Manning, FDR’s AP of Security, sat down with The New Dealer to discuss important security issues that impact the entire Cougar Family.

What are the important security regulations that all students/teachers should be aware of?

            Teachers and students should know the procedures needed to be taken during hard and soft lock-downs. During any type of lock-down, everyone should be out of sight through the windows and doors. They should be familiar with all the exits around the building and which ones are most convenient at specific points of the building. Teachers should be able to evacuate their students during fire drills quickly. Students have the same responsibilities as teachers. Students must follow the instructions given to them to remain safe. Students should also remove their hats and headphones when entering the building. Students should also try their best to report to school, and to their classes, on time.

Why has security around, and within the school, increased over the past 3 years at FDR High School? Do you feel the school may be in danger?

            The amount of security increasing has to do with FDR’s budget and has no connection to the school’s safety being compromised. Mr. Manning believes the school’s safety has increased during the past 3 years due to the increase in guards looking over the building, exits, and students. He also thinks it’s better to be “proactive than reactive” when it comes to FDR’s safety.

The fire drills at the end of the marking period were very disruptive, why were there so many within a two-week period?

            All NYC public schools are required to complete a certain number of fire drills by December. By completing them during the beginning of the school year, it meant the weather would still be warm.

How are consequences decided for each “rule breaker”?

            Each consequence is decided depending on the situation. There is a handbook that deans go by called “Citywide Behavior Expectations” that are separated into grades and a variety of issues. The student’s grades and regular behavior is also taken into consideration. FDR’s deans believe in something called “progressive discipline.”

What good do you think suspension serves a student?

            After a student serves their suspension time, they are supposed to understand for each of their actions, there is a consequence. Every action an individual chooses to do, they must be responsible for. Looking at the larger picture, suspension is supposed to teach students that in the real world of jobs, there are rules and regulations that must be followed by both employees and their employers.

Do you believe there is racial profiling in public schools? How do you ensure it does not happen at FDR?

            Mr. Manning believes public schools, including FDR, approaches all situations equally despite race, religion, skin color, etc.

What has been your favorite memory since you came to FDR?

            Mr. Manning enjoys seeing the growth and the school changing for the better. One event that made him especially proud and happy was our football team winning the championship.