Xiaoying Mei – Upperclassman of the Month


Xin Hang Xie, Reporter

Xiaoying Mei is one of FDR’s best and most well rounded students.  She was selected to be the Upperclassman of the Month, because of her dedication to her studies and extracurricular involvement.

Xiaoying really enjoys attending FDR. Xiaoying believes that FDR has provided her the opportunity to be engaged in challenging classes and extra curricular activities. In Xiaoying’s opinion, if students are willing to put in a strong effort, they can eventually achieve their goals. Xiaoying’s favorite subjects are Math, English Literature, and U.S. History. She enjoys the training her brain receives during the process of solving math problems,  the discovery of a new world when reading literature (in English or Chinese), and studying the past and its relation to the modern world.

Xiaoying is involved on the Math Team, The New Dealer, and the Chinese Cultural Club. She enjoys helping ESL students through the Chinese Cultural Club. Writing for The New Dealer, Xiaoying has the opportunity to write about Chinese culture and other topics that interest her. Xiaoying would like to tell new students at FDR to take advantage of FDR’s excellent teachers and join teams that you think you will enjoy.

Congrats to Xiaoying! Keep making your FDR family proud.