Avenue Q Was A Hit!!


Priscilla Soo, Contributor

Avenue Q (School Edition) is undoubtedly one of FDR’s best productions thus far. This musical brought back all of our childhood feelings because of the similarities it had to “Sesame Street.”

The creatures may not have feet of their own, but it wouldn’t have been the same without them. It starts off with a puppet named Princeton, who believes he is becoming old- since he’s turning 23. He has an existential crisis, because he isn’t sure where a B.A. in English can get him in life. He falls in love in a puppet named Kate, but soon enough, their relationship falls apart. Princeton can’t commit to Kate, because he still hasn’t found his purpose.

In the midst of all this, Kate a monster puppet, gets fired from her job as a teacher’s assistant. She becomes devastated, because this could’ve helped her get closer to her dream of opening a school for monsters, like herself. Towards the end of the musical, her friends surprise her by raising enough money for her to pursue her dream. This touches the entire audience’s heart, showing us how important friendships can be. Except when a puppet named Nicky becomes homeless, because he exposes his friend for being gay. Nicky’s friend kicks him out, and no one will take him in because of how messy he is. Thankfully, they make up in the end, and all is well- teaching the audience about accepting others, as well as being comfortable with who you are. The show highlights how helping others can actually help you feel good about yourself. This is done through catchy, upbeat, and funny songs.

All in all, this show was very well directed and fast paced, causing constant laughter and giggling from the audience! A big New Dealer congrats to Mr. Meyers and the whole cast and crew!