Xin Chen – Upperclassman of the Month


Xin Hang Xie, Reporter

FDR’s diversity, and over 3,000 students, are Xin’s favorite things about FDR. She is excited be in touch with people from different parts of the world in just one school. Xin likes all her classes, because she wants to obtain as much knowledge about the world as possible. To Xin, Social Studies gives her the understanding of the world, not only from the past, but also the future. Math trains her on rational and logical thinking. Xin is on the Math Team, because she wants to meet people who share the same interests as her. She enjoys working as a group to solve a problem that might seem particularly hard when solved alone.

Xin would like to tell new students at FDR to take more initiative about integrating into the FDR family. New students should try to adapt to the new environment by stepping out of their comfort zones and start talking to others. New students may also join clubs or teams to make friends, who share the same interests. Xin thinks she was chosen to be the Upperclassman of the Month because of her diligent work and progress made over time. Xin has the grit to motivate herself to do better everyday. She is truly driven to achieve all her goals, as a student and person. Congratulations to Xin!