How To Do Effortlessly Cool Right!


Samia Tariq, Reporter

This month we are all about effortlessly cool style and appreciating the style of Ezmeralda Decoo, a sophmore at FDR High School, who has nailed the look. Comfort cool or being effortless in reality is not so easy, there are certain keys that you have to follow to get the looks right. This type of dressing is best for school, because it is casual but very cool at the same type. This is the style that many off duty models and celebrity tend to wear. It can be a simple as a black top with a pair of jeans, but it is really up to the person wearing the garments to make the whole look uber cool.

Esmeralda has gotten a hang of this already, and it was an absolute pleasure sitting down with her and talking about her personal style and fashion as a whole. Only being a freshman, she ,admitted that in freshman year she was very low key and did not put much effort in her looks. By sophomore year, she has started to come out of her shell and wear what she wants. We encourage everybody to wear what you want because that it is what will make you comfortable in your own skin. Describing her style, she said that it is different and flexible to whatever she is feeling. She is seen rocking different styles of clothing each day, whether it be skinny jeans or trousers.

She knows how to work with her clothing to make outfits that are appropriate for school, without being bland. Her go to outfit when she has no clue what to wear is a graphic tee with baggy jeans and a pair of sneakers, her go to sneakers are Airforce 1s. While dressing one of the key factors she keeps in mind is proportions and that is certainly very important. Just like many of us, she is inspired by the 90s and incorporates the style in her everyday clothing. She recently is getting into the 70s style as well. An essential in her closet that she cannot live without is a jacket, whether it be summer or winter, a jacket has the ability of pulling every look together.

Her favorite places to shop are Urban Outfitters and she also does thrifting. Her recommendations are Beacon’s Closet and L Train Vintage, where she has personally found many great items. Her style inspiration mainly comes from instagram, and one instagrammer whose style she is very much into is Remy Louis, who also has a very cool 90s street style. She also plans out her outfits beforehand to make sure that her outfit is on point everyday. Esmeralda has a very cool sense of style, and she is able to make basics look so very cool as well.

She has an amazing everyday sense of style and rocks all her looks by making them her own. If you’re ever lacking outfit inspiration or want outfits that are cool but wearable, certainly turn your head towards her. She will not disappoint. Ezmeralda is certainly one of those who make us want to dress up and put in effort for school fashion.