I Heard You’re Graduating by Xiaoying Mei


Xiaoying Mei, Reporter

I started at FDR as a sophomore, at the same time I arrived to the United States. In the beginning, I struggled to adapt quickly to the unfamiliar learning environment. However, I feel grateful that I have taken AP classes since the beginning of junior year, which exposed me to various interesting subjects such as U.S. History, Language, and Calculus. The learning experiences at FDR provided me the opportunities to discover myself and inspired me to become a feminist. I appreciate all the efforts my counselors and teachers put into educating me, because without their support, I would have never become who I am today. I will carry their advice with me and keep striving to achieve my goals.

Since the start of my sophomore year, I have been writing for The New Dealer. From this experience, I learned to improve my writing and critical analysis skills. To draw a fitting end to this journey as I graduate, I have decided to write a poem to color this farewell.

I Heard You’re Graduating


I heard you’re graduating,

Walking up to the stage,

With your name being celebrated.


I heard you’re graduating,

Waving goodbye to your adolescence,

With your words being heard.


I heard you’re graduating,

Entering the world as an official grown-up

With your plans being made.


I heard you’re graduating.

Sincerely I hope you’ve found

What you like and what you don’t,

Genuinely I hope you’ve met

What you expected even what you didn’t

Because this is what high school is all about.


If you have any regrets, my friends, please do not forget

Graduating is not an ending, but a new beginning.