Qadeer Shahbaz- Cougar of the Month


Mohinur Shodieva, Reporter

When people say something is impossible, Qadeer is there to prove them wrong. Qadeer was chosen to be the Male Cougar of the Month for his unlimited hard work and academic achievements. No matter how hard it is for some of us wake up in the morning, Qadeer has never been late, or absent. FDR is where Qadeer loves to spend his days, because he enjoys the positive energy and unconditional love he receives from the FDR community.

Math and Science are Qadeer’s favorite subjects. He feels connected to them. He believes both are very interesting in the way they are taught at FDR. He likes his teachers and having discussions with them. He appreciates the help they have given him.

Qadeer is very passionate about helping others. He is involved in Peer Mediation and the National Honor Society. To him, the purpose of his life is to bring CHANGE and PEACE to his surroundings. For him it is not just about bringing change in people’s lives, it is also about inner peace for him. In addition, he volunteers at various places where people are in need.

As a person who spends most of his time at FDR, Qadeer advises new students to show respect and avoid isolating themselves from others. He claims, “you will never be alone, no matter where you came from, who you are, what you speak, or what you wear. You are always welcomed and will be respected at FDR.” He believes FDR has a tremendous community. People at FDR will create a platform for you to be successful depending on your views.

Qadeer believes that he was nominated by Ms. Simone, because he has overcome a lot. He has gone from an ESL student, barely speaking English, to taking challenging AP courses, such as AP Psychology, AP Statistics, and AP Calculus AB. Qadeer has even worked his way into FDR’s top 10 students! He gives all the credit for his achievements to his teachers, because they believed in him and made him who he is NOW.

Congratulations Qadeer, you have shown everyone that you are one of our greatest Cougars. Keep it up!