Alyssa Lee – Cougar of the Month


Mohinur Shodieva, Reporter

Congratulations to Alyssa Lee for being chosen as a Cougar of the Month! Her hard work and dedication towards her school has paid off. By attending FDR High School, Alyssa made great friends and was introduced to amazing teachers. Teachers at FDR, make their classes interesting for their students to understand difficult topics, and her friends make school more entertaining. She looks forward to go to school every morning, to make enduring memories with the people she loves.

Alyssa favors History, Math and Science courses at FDR. She has obtained a love for learning more about different cultures, religions, and societies around the world, while also, learning about the events that make us who we are right now. Math and Science are her favorite subjects, because she considers them easy subjects to learn and to work with.

Since freshman year, Alyssa has become more active and showed her spirit around school. She joined the Tennis and Handball teams, to show her school spirit and to make new friends. Alyssa’s advice to new students at FDR is to study hard and focus on your school work. However, students should not forget to give themselves time for fun. According to Alyssa, high school goes by very quickly and the next thing you know, you are applying to colleges and setting a path for your future. She thinks it’s really important to focus on school to prepare yourself for college, for jobs, or anything that is awaiting you outside of FDR’s doors. Alyssa claims, “studying can really pay off!” Although not everything is about school, students should dedicate their time to themselves and enjoy their youth while they can.

Alyssa was chosen to be Cougar of the Month, because she worked hard and took her classes seriously. She is always eager to learn more and ready to help people that are in need.

Congrats Alyssa! We are happy to have you in our Cougar Family!