Yuliya Gumenyuk – FDR’s Science Star


Mohinur Shodieva, Reporter

Franklin D. Roosevelt has its very own Science legend, Yuliya Gumenyuk. Yuliya likes FDR HS for its welcoming environment which provides equal opportunities for its students. She has been inspired by her teachers, including her dependable friends, over the last 3 school years. Yuliya was recommend for this honor by teachers in the Science Department for her outstanding achievements.

There are many reasons why a person can excel in Science. Yuliya has the unique abilities to think logically and critically. She finds it easy to follow the charts, graphs, procedures, and steps which are critical to understanding advanced Science. Yuliya is not only our top Science student, she is a proud member of FDR’s National Honors Society. Yuliya joined NHS, because she likes working together with her friends to help the school’s community, inside and outside of FDR. Yuliya’s advice to new students at FDR is to keep up with their classes and to take care of their grades. However, they should also try to find a way to relax from school work, by joining clubs that interest them.

Yuliya believes she was chosen to be FDR’s Science Star, because of the effort she put into her courses. She has maintained excellent grades, even while taking challenging Advanced Placement courses. Yuliya is proud to represent her school and favorite department at FDR!

Congratulations Yuliya! Keep up the great work!