Avi Ni’s Valedictorian Message

Avi Nis Valedictorian Message

Avi Ni, Valedictorian

It is truly a pleasure to be in the FDR community! I have made countless, unforgettable memories with my friends here and received valuable lessons from my teachers. Throughout my years in FDR, I transformed from an ugly duckling to a majestic swan. I am very proud and honored to be the Valedictorian of the Class of 2019. However, just like the swan that needs care, I was guided by my friends and family to be the “Avi” that I am right now.

I am a shy person, well I used to be. Up until my freshman year, I always wanted to stay in the dark, so nobody will notice me. I didn’t seek attention from people and I was fine by that. But, I decided to come to the light and talk to many people with confidence. For those who think that they are shy and can’t do anything that they want to do, keep calm and be unusual. Bring out your “inner” self and be confident in what you do. I did not expect myself to be #1, really. I did what a diligent student would do: strive in any environment.

Of course, I did not accomplish my goals by myself. I received support from my friends who were very willing to help me in hard times. There were many times
when I felt like giving up. But, they always encouraged me to keep up my hard work. From this, I learned that it’s okay if I feel a little pressured. However, what’s not okay is giving up and truly lose your desire to achieve.

My teachers gave me support as well. They encourage me to do my best in every class and seek help from them when I need it. I remember going to their tutoring sessions when I was confused in class. Here’s the thing: when teachers tell you they have tutoring sessions, GO. Every time when I go to tutoring, I felt like saying “IT’S MAD WORK.” But I don’t have a choice, I mean it’s either I fail or pass the class.

Lastly, I’d like to say that I am thankful for my teachers who stayed after school to provide their students with extra help. My journey in high school is not an easy one. I struggle like everybody else and felt like quitting numerous times. It’s not a walk in the park to have good grades (I can say this, because I’m actually a lazy person). Anyway, high school is just the beginning for me. I want to achieve something big in the future, and I can see that happening. However, that means I need to go beyond my limits and make sure my goal is accomplished.

I’ll say this again: I am thankful for my friends, teachers, and the entire FDR community for giving me precious memories and lessons. I want to go on to the future thinking that all the hard work I did, and the support I got, are all worth it. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate you guys. Thank you all for giving me another place where I can call “home”!

(P.S: The pronunciation is ae-vi, not ah-vi. Thank you!)