Accelerated Academics


Ruth Pedro, Reporter

What’s up Cougars! Word on the street is that FDR High School is offering PreAP (Advanced Placement) classes for freshmen, and we have added a new AP to our already extensive list of accelerated courses. If you’re an incoming freshman, this a great opportunity to capitalize by taking PreAP courses. AP courses your freshman and sophomore years can help with your college applications. Participating and excelling in these courses, let your dream college know that your are able to handle college level content and are determined to work hard in school.

 Ms. Imbemba provided The New Dealer with the scoop and all the information you need to know about PreAP and new AP courses. According to her, “PreAP courses are a series of core classes that work to reinforce the foundational skills students need as freshman to be successful in future AP classes.” FDR will be offering these PreAP classes: PreAP Algebra, PreAP Biology, PreAP World History, and PreAP English. 

FDR HS has adopted a policy called “AP for All,” and in the opinion of Ms. Imbemba, “All students are being given the opportunity to have access and exposure to rigorous, college-level course work while they are working towards their high school diploma…students are becoming acclimated to the habits of mind and work ethic needed to be successful as college students in cognitively demanding courses, and in a self-regulated work environment.” AP for All has added a new addition to the FDR AP inventory: AP World History. Not to be confused with PreAP World, AP World History is the actual college level class, where students will have the opportunity to take the AP test and potentially earn college credit. To be placed in an AP World History class is simple. AP World,  as well as all other AP’s at FDR, have open enrollment. All you have to do is request a recommendation form from your teacher, have them and your guidance counselor sign off on it, and boom welcome to AP!

To achieve academic success in college, it is encouraged that all students try to take challenging courses, especially AP’s, but you have to be ready to work. The classes can get hard, REALLY HARD, and if you’re not the hard working type, you may struggle. Luckily for you FDR has numerous resources if you feel like you’re hitting a rough patch. There is subject area tutoring, as well as Guidance Counselor and Assistant Principal socio-academic support. There are also practice tests, review books, and discipline specific resources for students who want and need it. Ms. Imbemba says time management and a positive outlook is “key.” As well as developing a, “growth oriented mindset,” and having the grit to never give up. “If you stay Focused, Determined, and Rise above the obstacles, success will be a foregone conclusion,” claims Ms Imbemba. So try an AP, it can only do more good than harm. Let’s go AP Cougars!