Alex Koiv- Male Cougar of the Month


Congratulations to Alex Koiv for being named the Male Cougar of the Month. Alex loves attending FDR. It is a place where he can hangout with his friends and learn from the infinite opportunities FDR offers. Alex believes the staff is extremely welcoming and create a home away from home environment. Alex is amazed at our diverse student population. He gets to meet people from all over the world every day. At FDR there is always something to do or something to learn.

Alex’s favorite subjects are Math, Science, and History. These subjects explain how everything works around us, and they all develop his logic and reasoning skills. He loves the challenges of taking rigorous Advanced Placement courses. He enjoys History, because the actions and consequences of others have shaped our world.

Alex is more than just a great student. He is very involved in our clubs and teams. He is proud member of the Robotics Club, Student Ambassadors, and The New Dealer. Alex would like to one day pursue a job in technology, so Robotics seemed like a great way to explore his interests. As an Ambassador, Alex enjoys serving his school and community. In addition, Alex plays for the Tennis, Table Tennis, and Bowling teams. He joined the Tennis and Table Tennis teams, because he was motivated and inspired by professional players. He considers both of these as “smart” sports, which challenge him physically and mentally. He enjoys learning the different strategies needed to beat an opponent. Bowling is just a lot of fun for Alex, especially when he gets a strike or spare.

Alex would advise new students to not overwhelm themselves and take things step by step. According to Alex students should, “stay focused but not narrow minded.” Alex was chosen for his dedication to his school work, clubs, and teams. He is truly a model student for FDR’s underclassmen.