Ruth Pedro- Female Cougar of the Month


Ruth Pedro is FDR’s Female Cougar of the Month! To say Ruth is a good student would be an understatement. Ruth is an excellent student! Ruth describes FDR as a “pretty chill” place. She really likes her teachers and has made many close friends. Her only negative about FDR is the distance the school is from her house. Unfortunately, Ruth has a very long commute. She travels two hours each way, everyday!

Ruth enjoys learning new things, but she really does not have a favorite subject. She takes a heavy course load of AP and College Now classes. However, Ruth considers herself a creative person. Art and Music classes give her more artistic freedom. They are not content heavy classes, so they help her unwind.

Ruth in a proud member of the Flag Football team. As a freshman she really wanted to join the Track team, but FDR did not have a girls’ team. She decided to focus on Flag Football, and she really enjoys playing on the team. Ms. Galante, her coach, says that she is one of the most hardworking and dedicated players on the team. In addition, Ruth is a new member of The New Dealer. She wanted to challenge herself and try something new. Ruth also works at the New York Hall of Science.

Ruth would advise incoming freshmen to take everything one day at a time. She wants them to know that they should develop strong habits in freshmen year, because it only gets harder.

Ruth is a very humble person, and she is not sure why she was selected over other students. However, it is about time that Ruth is getting recognized. She is a dedicated student and athlete. Ruth is a model student, and person, for our underclassmen. Congrats Ruth, you are making your school proud!