Jasmine Unay- FDR’s President!


Jasmine Unay, FDR’s President of the Student Government, is our a Cougar of the Month! Jasmine was selected by Ms. Perez, to recognize Jasmine’s dedication to making FDR a better place. When Jasmine entered FDR she was “petrified.” However, as she made friends, she grew to truly love FDR and become a leader!

Jasmine’s favorite subject is Social Studies. She is currently in Advanced Placement U.S. Government and took Advanced Placement United States History last year. She loves learning about the past and how our government has impacted the development of our society. Jasmine is always busy at FDR. She is a member of the Student Government, Green Squad, and Yearbook. She loves being involved with making FDR a better place for every student. Jasmine really enjoys working with people who share her interests.

Jasmine would advise new students to open up and get involved in school events and activities. She also thinks students should get to know their guidance counselors as well, so they have someone to go to when they need help.

Jasmine was chosen to be a Cougar of the Month for her involvement in school activities, being a voice for students, and trying to make FDR a better place once she has graduated. Congratulations Jasmine! You have made your Cougar family proud!