Karina Lopez- Composter of the Month

Jooda Barakat, Reporter

A very big congratulations to Karina Lopez for winning the “Composter of the Month” for January. Karina has shown how much she understands recycling and how she thinks it is very important to recycle. She is very happy that she won, because she thinks that this will serve as encouragement to other FDR students, so that they can also recycle. She is also very happy, because by winning this award, she got recognized for doing something that she not only loves, but is important to our society as well.
According to Karina,” It is extremely important to recycle, because by doing so, we are saving the Earth from further damage.” She also thinks that it is important for FDR students to recycle, because it shows that we are not lazy teenagers who just sit back and watch the Earth collapse. Karina claims,”the more we recycle, the cleaner the Earth.” She thinks that at FDR, most of the students think that recycling is a chore. They just do not know that recycling does not even take up 10 seconds.
When Karina is in the cafeteria, she sees that most students do not even try to recycle. She thinks that this is because they are lazy, and they do not even try to understand how recycling works. However, she hopes that in the years to come, more students at FDR recycle properly and show respect to members of the Green Squad who are helping students with understanding recycling.
Karina is just a sophomore at FDR, and she is very concerned with helping FDR turn into a zero waste school. Really great job, Karina! Your Cougar family is very proud of you!