Karolina Bartoszek- Cougar of the Month


Congratulations to Karolina Bartoszek, February’s Cougar of the Month. Karolina really enjoys attending FDR. She never feels like she is being forced to go to school, because FDR is like her second home. She loves her classes. Teachers make the classes fun and welcoming for Karolina.

Karolina’s favorite subjects are Digital Media and Math. According to Karolina, “I love being a part of the group that is in charge of designing this year’s yearbook. I can’t wait to look at my yearbook in a few years and think that I was a part of making it.” As for Math, Karolina loves solving problems and the support she gets from her teachers. She even joined the Math team to learn more about math and problem solve with her friends. She loves that they all help and support each other. Ms. Chan really makes the team a rewarding experience.

Not only is Karolina a strong student, she is also a student athlete. She is a member of the Volleyball, Table Tennis, and Badminton teams. Sports are a great way for Karolina to unwind after a busy day in classes.

Karolina would advise new students to not be afraid to try new things. She also thinks younger students should be open to making new friends with juniors and seniors, because they can help give you advice. Teams are a great way to meet new people and discover new interests.

Karolina was selected to be a Cougar of the Month for her hard work and determination, by Mr. Pipitone, her Digital Media teacher. According to Mr. Pipitone, “Karolina is an extremely professional and diligent member of the 2020 Sojourn yearbook. As Editor-In-Chief, she is largely responsible for making sure everything gets done correctly, and on time. I really couldn’t get anything accomplished without her, and I don’t even want to think about working without her next year. She is truly a pleasure to work with.” Congratulations again Karolina! You are truly leaving your mark on FDR during your senior year!