Upperclassman of the Month – Ronaldo Collado


Abdullah Hashimi, Contributor

Congratulations to Ronaldo Collado for being named Upperclassman of the Month! Ronaldo loves attending FDR. He feels it is the perfect high school and everything he ever envisioned. He enjoys everything from his interactions with fellow students, to the instructional time with his amazing teachers. His favorite subjects are History and Mathematics. Ronaldo especially loves learning about past civilizations, and the mistakes of the past. He finds Math enjoyable, because of how open and free it seems- with its multiple ways of solving one problem. The challenge of the subject, also contributes to Ronaldo’s love for it.

In terms of extra curricular activities, Ronaldo is a part of FDR’s Varsity Football team, and used to be a part of the FDR’s New Dealer. He had actually never played football before high school, but as soon as he had this first practice, he fell in love with the sport.  The combination of teamwork and working out his aggression, really attracted him to the sport.  As for The New Dealer, he loved writing about topics that were dear to him. He plans on rejoining after the Football season.

The advice Ronaldo would give to new students at FDR is to find what clubs interest them. He believes there are an unbelievable variety of clubs filled with amazing activities. The main piece of advice he gives is to, “just participate in something!” He sincerely believes that you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose. 

In regards to why he thinks he was chosen as Upperclassman of the Month,  Ronaldo while wanting to remain humble, has to give credit where credit is due. In all his 3 years at FDR, he has been giving it his all in both the classroom and out on the field. This year especially,  he has been excelling. It is his senior year,  the Varsity football team is at 7-0, and he is still working hard on assignments. On top of it all, he is navigating through the college application process. We have absolutely no doubt that Ronaldo was rightly chosen as Upperclassman of the Month!

Congrats Ronaldo! Go get FDR a Chip!!!