Underclassman of The Month – Avery Ali


Abdullah Hashimi, Contributor

Congratulations to Avery Ali for being chosen as the Underclassman of the Month at FDR! Avery enjoys his time at FDR, despite all the limitations on activities due to Covid. Avery believes that the staff of FDR, and his fellow peers, make the most out of the situation we are all in. The inclusiveness and interaction FDR allows the students to have, while maintaining their good health/safety, is something he enjoys about the school.

Physics and AP World History are both subjects that Avery loves at FDR. He has always loved science and wants to pursue a career in that field when he gets older. Physics, specifically, includes various topics he loves- like equations, close reading, and interpreting problems in order to find a resolution. He says it’s much like AP US History. He has to utilize his prior knowledge to assess questions that are given to him. One of the reasons he loves AP World so much is because Mr. Bernardi is an advocate for inclusiveness in the classroom. The lessons are interactive as well as entertaining.

Avery used to be a part of the Football team, but sadly, right as the season started, he broke his finger. He initially joined the team, because he had a friend on the team who thought it would be fun if they played together. Avery is also a part of the Undefeated Wrestling team with his record being 3-0 in the PSAL and 4-2 in New York City. Avery joined the Wrestling team, because he has been doing MMA for the last five years and thought wrestling could make a great addition to his skills. Besides sports, he is a part of MBK (My Brother’s Keeper). In fact, he is actually the president of MBK! He joined because of a teacher he had last year during remote learning, Mrs. Parkinson. She constantly told him his mind would make an impact there, and eventually near the end of the first remote semester,  he took her advice. 

A piece of advice Avery has for any newcomer at FDR is to be open and patient. He says that if you are too conservative, you will miss out on opportunities and memories that are just waiting to be made. He highlights the importance of patience and timing. He speaks of not rushing everything you want to achieve in life, and how time is not something you can get back. He understands that high school is a time for self-discovery and understanding one’s self. At the end of the day, he wants everyone to reach for what they want! Avery says to take those risks now, so you experience the luxury of the rewards later. As for his thoughts on why he felt he was chosen for Underclassmen of the Month, he credits this to someone simply believing in his ability to achieve and excel at what he does best. He says this someone probably expected the best from him academically, socially, and athletically. Every day he brings the same energy, always trying to push himself to learn and improve. Avery is a very dedicated and smart young man. The New Dealer is proud to name him the Underclassman of the Month.

Congratulations Avery!